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I’ve always loved drawing. Cartoons like those of Disney, have been my favorite since I was a child and remain so to this day. I loved the way Walt Disney managed to instill life, character and personality in everything he created.

When I did a course in Art History at a later stage, I discovered all these other forms of art where the exact same was being done. Paintings where you’d expect the portrayed character to literally step out of the painting, still life’s with pieces of fruit and flowers that seemed so real, you’d be able to eat them / smell them if you’d just reach through the canvas.

Ever since I’ve come in contact with pencil art, I’ve had the same goal with my own creations. To create drawings that were lifelike with only a pencil to help me do so.

In the meanwhile I have created a number of portraits and I continue to be amazed at the magic of how simple pencils can aid in creating lifelike figures.

After all, having a pencil sketch of your child or having illustrations of the beloved teddybear for his or her room is absolutely great. Not to mention the options of having a portrait of yourself, your beloved artist or a close member of the family.

Through practice and hard work I’m steadily achieving my goal of creating as lifelike images and portraits as possible.


Mieke Simons 


Mieke Simons-Stolwijk



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